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The state of Colorado in general represents a great place to retire, considering the beautiful surrounding nature, which creates endless opportunities for outdoor activities suitable for people`s golden years.

However, there are a few places considered particularly great for retirement due to the affordable amenities and easy access to healthcare facilities. Here are some places that a credit union near me in Castle Rock offering retirement services recommends:

Holly Hills

Holly Hills is a suburb of Denver and it was rated this year as the best place to retire in Colorado, due to being family friendly, with a low crime rate and above average median household income.  There is also the proximity of shopping centers, coffee shops, the light rail and the Highline Canal.  For those who plan to work part time in retirement, there is an easy morning commute.

 Fort Collins

In the past, bigger cities like Denver and Colorado Springs used to be seen as better options for retirement, but these days Fort Collins is not overlooked anymore.  It has many amenities appreciated by those who look at 4 a good place to live during their retirement.  The downtown has a quaint and charming nature, the Horsetooth Reservoir it is located just a few minutes away, and the Rocky Mountain National Park is within an hour’s drive.

Estes Park

This place is great for people who look for privacy. Almost 1/2 of the population here is formed by seniors, and a majority of 70% is married with no children.

The landscape is rugged and beautiful due to the proximity of the Rocky Mountain National Park, so there are hundreds of things to do, perfect for retirees.