Any experienced gardener can confirm that organization is the most important thing in arranging a garden. Whether you have a large garden with vegetables, trees and shrubs, or a small one where you grow flowers and herbs, the detailed organization of your activities such as plots, tools and other things help you save time, energy and get better results.

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Here are 3 tips on improving your garden in Colorado:

Plan and mark the dates

At the beginning of each year, make a garden plan that includes how to divide the plots, how to place the species, where to store compost and plant debris, etc. After planning the activities, divide them into specific tasks and make a gardening calendar, where you can mark the dates for sowing, digging and other tasks. You can use a classic paper calendar or virtual calendars, which also have reminder functions.

Organize your seeds

If you harvest seeds from your own production or from other people, it is good to put them in separate bags, labeled with the important details. You can also arrange the seeds depending on the planting period.

Keep a gardening diary

Keeping a diary may seem like an unnecessary chore, but it is not like that at all. Notes on weather, activities, sowing, care, fertilization, harvesting, pests, and diseases will show their usefulness later. In the next season, the information in your diary will help you to improve your garden.

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